Meet Grey Gregory

Grey Gregory

I grew up in the small country town of Hamlet, North Carolina. My childhood was filled with laughter, fun, and sports.  My fondest memories include spending time together as a family when I was younger, whether it be a vacation to the beach or a long weekend of travel baseball tournaments. I watched both my Dad and Mother work extremely hard to provide the best life for me and my younger brother.  My Mother, Father, Pop, and Granny are all responsible for the work ethic, drive, and passion that I carry today. Over the years I’ve succeeded a lot and I’ve failed even more but I’ve always tried to implement the many life lessons and life skills they’ve taught me. I’m very close with my family to this day and there is nothing more important to me than family. I hope to one day have a family of my own and give to them what’s been given to me.

I’ve worn many hats professionally since I graduated college and I’ve without a doubt taken the long road to get where I’m at today but I’m happy with the journey and the experiences that have come with years of trying to find my dream job. I can honestly say that being hired by Curran Financial Partners is the greatest opportunity and achievement that I’ve made professionally to date. I get up every day knowing that what I do is important to not only me but for the families I get to take care of. I love working for a company that truly cares and takes great pride in helping folks plan and achieve financial freedom. Financial Freedom buys time and opportunity for not only those who have it but for the ones they love as well.  Financial Freedom allows individuals or families to choose their experiences and opportunities in life and that is extremely powerful. I will be responsible for the Myrtle Beach, SC Office and I look forward to meeting and planning with you all!

Fun Facts about me:

I taught myself how to play guitar and I’ve recently started training & competing in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.

I lived in Southern Africa for about a year working with Wildlife & I was Certified as a Level 1 South African Field Guide.

I’ve been to every state except Hawaii.