Meet Colin Stewart

Colin Stewart

I grew up in Circleville, NY (according to my dad the center of the universe) just 2 hours north of New York City with my older sister, Hannah. My dad was an owner of a small printing shop and my mom, who kept the household running smoothly, was a teacher's assistant at my elementary school.

Growing up I would help my dad at the shop on weekends changing chemicals, sweeping floors, and driving him crazy for being indecisive on picking out a drink at the 7/11 on our way home. That graduated into being a camp counselor and being the best weed wacker at the county park in the summers.

I followed my sister to The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY where I would play lacrosse at the DII level and go on to meet my now wife Danielle Stewart. As you can imagine those 4 years went by far too quickly and I found myself looking for every possible way to not have to move back home with my parents. About a year later, I found myself with a wonderful opportunity just across the river from home in Poughkeepsie, NY working for a great mentor who truly gave me my start in the world of Financial Planning.

Danielle graduated with her master’s in teaching in 2018. She then got a job in a state that neither of us had ever visited, and we were off with our Old English Sheepdog, Winston, to Charleston, South Carolina. Our parents were completely caught off guard and supported every decision we’ve made. Of course, being far away from family is difficult, but the distance makes you cherish the time you have together. We were lucky enough to make amazing friends to make the new city feel a bit more like a new home.

We spend our time riding bikes around downtown, golfing and getting as much energy out of Winston as possible.